Attractions near the Belltown neighborhood, in Seattle

Seattle, Washington is a beautiful gem in the Northwest corner of the Northwestern United States. Known for rainy winters and beautiful summers, this city of over one million inhabitants has attractions for all ages.

Pike Place Market

A must see for tourists and locals alike is the Pike Place Market shopping area. While in season, it boasts a wide variety of fruits, meats, vegetables, fish and baked goods for shoppers to sample and purchase. Pike Place Market is also home to the very first Starbucks ever opened! Food is not all that is sold in the area, however. Local artisans also sell homemade crafts ranging from cheap to collector prices. Summer is the best time to visit this market, as more produce will be in season and it is less likely that you will need an umbrella!

The Space Needle

This tower was built for the 1962 World Fair and attracted almost 2.3 million visitors during the fair. Its popularity has not died down since. For a Seattle visitor, it is worth the money to take an elevator ride up to the top of the 605 foot tower to enjoy the panaromic view of the beautiful city below. For those in Seattle to celebrate the New Year or the Fourth of July, the annual fireworks displays, shot from the top of the tower, are unrivaled.

Professional Sports

Though the city no longer boasts an NBA team, there are plenty of other sports to entertain any family. For baseball fans, the super modern Safeco Field is a great place to catch a Seattle Mariners' game. Not far from that is Qwest Field, home to the Seattle Seahawks NFL team. In more recent years, Qwest Field has also become home to the Seattle Sounders, a professional soccer team. The Sounders have the fastest growing fan base in Seattle, and a visit to this city wouldn't be complete with taking in a match.

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