Dining near the Belltown neighborhood, in Seattle

To best map out where the majority of Seattle's dining venues are, look for the Space Needle and keep in mind that there are a swarm of restaurants on every street between Highway 99 along the coast and Interstate 5 slightly inland. Every major sit-down chain restaurant and chain fast-food restaurant can be found in that area, but the best restaurants are one-of-a-kind and independently owned.

The top restaurant in Seattle is the Space Needle restaurant. This legendary location has been used in films, books and postcards. Guests take an elevator hundreds of stories up to the top of the needle; they may then enjoy a fine-dining meal while enjoying a panoramic view of Seattle. The bet time to visit is at night. Those who are afraid of heights will want to sit away from the windows. Dining selections are classic American fine-dining favorites and dress is semi-formal or formal. Tables should be reserved several months in advance to ensure service here.

Seattle is well-known for delicious sea food. One of the best places for overall menu quality and selection is a casual waterfront cafe called Steamer's Seafood Cafe. All of the menu items are prepared fresh, not frozen. This is what gives their food such a full and scrumptious flavor. The staff are friendly and the atmosphere is casual and fun. One of their best specialties is fried shrimp; any visitor will notice the delicious difference of fresh shrimp used with their delicious batter recipe.

Located on Fairview Place on the shore of Lake Union is Daniel's Steakhouse. This is one of the best in Seattle, offering flavorful steaks cooked to perfection. Chefs are professional and the menu offers diners a world class experience to taste some original creations of the Schwartz Brothers. Not only are their dinner entrees delightful, but the bakery choices are, too. Some of the best desserts, pastries and breads can be purchased there and enjoyed later.

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