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Qwest Field, SeattleWelcome to Qwest Field Hotels! We are your premier source for hotel reservation services in and around Qwest Field. We offer discounted rates and availability at over 71 hotels. Our selection of hotels range from 2 star to 4 star, with all amenities available. All discount membership cards are accepted and loyalty point programs maybe used on your Qwest Field Hotels.

About Qwest Field

Originally built as Seahawks stadium between 2000 and 2002, the name was changed to Qwest Field in 2004. Qwest Field was designed as a multi-purpose sports complex, and is home to the Seattle Seahawks NFL football team, plus the Seattle Sounders soccer team and the University of Washingtion Huskies athletic team.

Only about a mile from downtown Seattle, Qwest Field is easily reached by public transportation and interstate highways.
The exterior colors of Qwest field were designed to blend in with older buildings at nearby Pioneer Square. A split open design allows about 70% of seats to be covered by the roof, while preserving a scenic open view of the downtown Seattle skyline to the north. On the south side, Qwest Field is partially open and offers views of adjacent Safeco Field and Mount Rainier in the distance.

During construction of Qwest Field, which was designed to withstand earthquakes, about half the rubble resulting from the implosion of the former Kingdome was recycled and reused. The Washington State Public Stadium Authority was created to operate Qwest Field. On the east side of Qwest is the Events Center, covering two exhibition halls and a conference center. Besides pre-game shows, the Events Center hosts concerts and trade shows.

Events at Qwest Field are coordinated with Safeco Field so they will not overlap and gridlock auto traffic and public transportation in the surrounding International and Industrial districts. Nearby is King Street railroad station.

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